LAWHA at DADH Nicosia 2023

Decentering art and design history: research, practice, education

University of Nicosia, 15-17 June 2023

The conference considers the development of art and design history in the Mediterranean region during the twentieth century. It focuses on how colonialism, postcolonialism, conflicting nationalist ideologies and western discourses of modernity have shaped: a) the development of historiography, b) the methodological and interpretative approaches, including artistic and curatorial, through which history has been written and c) the narrative forms that have been adopted for its articulation. 

Conference convenors: Elena Parpa,Niki Sioki,Evanthia (Evi) Tselika, Art & Design Research Lab, Department of Design and Multimedia, University of Nicosia

LAWHA is participating with a panel on Revisiting Art Histories in the Absence of Institutionalization: Lebanon as a Case Study:

Decentring art history and identifying methods on how to interrelate context and artistic production to serve as a model for revisiting art histories in contexts where institutionalised local art histories have largely been absent are core concerns of the research project “Lebanon’s Art World at Home and Abroad: Trajectories of artists and artworks in/from Lebanon since 1943” (LAWHA) (, taking Lebanon’s post-independence art world as a starting point.One tool we are developing at LAWHA is a database and digital platform (DDP) that brings together the major sources documenting arts in/from Lebanon – many of which are scattered and often only preserved in private collections – and allows us to trace patterns and networks. It can be used to answer questions about how discourses, ideas, encounters and the socio-political environment impact artistic production. In this panel, we propose to briefly present LAWHA and the DDP before addressing some of the overarching conference questions in three papers that revolve around to what extent colonial legacies in Lebanon have shaped art education at a moment of nation-building (Nadia von Maltzahn), what looking at the archives of rejected artists tells us about canon-building and ideological frameworks (Ashraf Osman), and the role of the regional political context in shaping postcolonial culture in Lebanon (Flavia Malusardi).

The panel is discussed by Elizabeth Suzanne Kassab.

Full programme here:

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