Contested (In)visibilities and Memorial Cultures

In the workshop “Contested (in)visibilities and memorial cultures: Towards a critical reading of cultural heritage and conflict” at the Orient-Institut Beirut, on 15 March 2023, we will explore memorial cultures and consider critical readings of heritage and the impact of conflict on arts and cultural production. We will conduct an interdisciplinary exchange with scholars and artists about landscape, architecture and industrial ruins in order to understand sites of tangible and intangible heritage and engage with visual arts and design practice. We plan to unpack in/visibility, un/official narratives, in/formal memorial practices as reference points for conflict captured in Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Colombia. Demarcated by its diversity and complexity, contested heritage is a global issue for tourism, politics, urbanization and education and we will approach it from the lens of philosophy, cultural history, archaeology, museology, design and the arts. It is supported and organized by the Peace and Conflict Culture Network and the documenta Institut Kassel, in cooperation with the Orient-Institut Beirut (LAWHA).

10.00: Welcome and short introduction

10.15: Gregory Buchakjian (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts)

10.30: Çjğdem İvren (Orient-Institut Beirut/LAWHA, U Bamberg)

10.45: Liliana Gómez (U Kassel, documenta Institut)

11-12: discussion

12- 1pmlunch break

1pm-1.15: Yasmine Nachabe Taan (Lebanese American University)

1.15-1.30: Nadia von Maltzahn (Orient-Institut Beirut/LAWHA)

1.30-1.45: Paul Lowe (University of the Arts London)

1.45-2pm: Nela Milic (University of the Arts London)

2pm-3pm: discussion

Venue: Orient-Institut Beirut (Rue Hussein Beyhoum 44, Zokak el-Blat)

If you would like to participate, please register by 14 March with Liliana Gomez ( and Nadia von Maltzahn (

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