Etel Adnan, Untitled, 2010, Oil on Canvas, 20 x 25 cm, courtesy of the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery Beirut / Hamburg

This blog accompanies the research project “Lebanon’s Art World at Home and Abroad (LAWHA): Trajectories of artists and artworks in/from Lebanon since 1943”, hosted by the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB) of the Max Weber Stiftung and funded by an ERC Starting Grant under grant agreement 850760. LAWHA examines the forces that have shaped the emergence of a professional field of art in Lebanon within its local, regional and global context, against the background that Lebanon is regularly portrayed as a country with weak public institutions but vibrant cultural sector. The project proposes a shift of perspective in approaching Lebanon’s art world by focusing on the multi-dimensionality of artists’ individual trajectories. LAWHA aims to identify new methods on how to interrelate context and artistic production, to serve as a model for revisiting art histories in contexts where institutionalized local art histories are largely absent. This blog will introduce the project and its team members, announce events and positions, and share research results.

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